Presentatie voor International Conference on Official Statistics

Recentelijk gaf ik een presentatie voor het Nationaal Bureau van Statistiek van Palestina. Beelden hiervan vind je hieronder.

“Technology is a vital tool for communicating statistics. Mr. Sander Duivestein, from the Dutch International Research Institute of Sogeti, comments: Although it is getting under our skin with information on people becoming so readily available on digital communication channels and the overwhelming amounts of data generated minute by minute. It also augments our senses (Google glass and iPhone). Yet technology still needs to be embraced by companies and public sector organisations and skills need to be developed as embracing new technologies is still resisted in many places. The advent of Web 3.0 with ubiquitous networks of devices that are worn or glued under the skin will also herald a new era of revolutionary communications as devices would be able to read brain memory through translating brain waves, and glass surfaces would become touch devices for interactive communication instead of tablets, desktops, iPhones and laptops.”

Hier kun je er meer over lezen.

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