Lulzsec hacker Sabu spreekt

Sabu, een van de hackers achter de Anonymous splintergroep Lulzsec heeft via Twitter en Reddit van zich laten horen. Hier kun je de volledige AMA (Ask Me Anything) nalezen. Hier kun je een mooi verslag op The Guardian teruglezen.

Asked whether he is “safe”, he replies: “no one can prove it’s me anyway. The beauty of Anonymous.”

Anonymous, he says, is “no leaders, no hierarchy, no cointelpro [counter-intelligence program] drama. And we are a living, moving mass of like-minded individuals.” He says it is “pure democracy”, though that can be anarchic. But he thinks it will spawn “many organisations and political parties”. But he says that “you don’t need to be ‘anonymous’ or need to hack to be Anonymous. It’s an idea, not a job.”

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