EAZE introduceert “Nod To Pay”

“What if you could just nod to pay for anything? Today at the Wearable Wednesday event in Barcelona, Dutch start-up EAZE introduced a new service called “Nod To Pay”, a Bitcoin enabled wallet that works on Google Glass. The service demonstrates how frictionless payments work when the right technologies are combined.

Paying with “Nod To Pay” is truly frictionless. A Google Glass user activates the service with the command “OK Glass, make a payment”. Glass then scans the QR code of any Bitcoin enabled Point Of Sales (POS) application. The transaction details appear on the display of Glass. The user then only needs to nod twice to confirm the payment, making it a truly handsfree payment solution.

To keep it safe, a “Nod To Pay” spending limit can easily be set, just like anyone would do with a normal wallet holding offline cash. Any transaction amount above that limit will require an additional security (PIN) code to confirm the payment.”

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