Apple´s Garage Magazines

I’m hearing that Apple is developing a magazine template that will be in a future release of their developer environment and toolkit – Xcode.

This publishing template will create a familiar consistent user interface. It also will facilitate in-app purchases for subscriptions and back issues. Another benefit Apple anticipates is that there will be a plethora of new magazines on the iPad. They believe that anyone will be able to create a magazine relatively easily and have it published by Apple and sold through iTunes.

I’m told; “Imagine a guy drawing and writing a comic book. He can’t sell it to Marvel or DC so he hooks up with a programmer and within days, he’s getting his comic book published and sold on iTunes.”

Of course, a comic book is just one example. I could see all kinds of these “Garage Magazines” as I call them, being created. Undoubtedly, quality would vary widely.

Apple hopes to have this implemented by the end of the year.

Lees hier meer.

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